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The staff at Jesse James Tattoo are the most friendly and qualified in the Bay Area. We’re always looking to break boundaries in order to provide you with a truly unique piece of art. As tattoo artists, our greatest reward is for you to leave feeling proud of your new tattoo. We want your experience to be as amazing as the ink on your body.

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Malvi has been tattooing since 2014 and uses her life’s experience as inspiration.  As a passionate vegetarian who loves traveling, electronic music, numerology, and perfume making, she often takes these themes to create beautiful works of art. She perfected her painting skills at the Warsaw school of drawing. She prefers making all original drawings for black work tattoos, but also feels very comfortable in both color and black & grey for projects with neotraditional themes.  She is currently interested in making more realism tattoos to expand her knowledge.


Holly is a tattoo and freelance artist, having spent most of the life honing her art skills from sculpture to classical painting and finally finding her place in the tattoo community. She feels incredibly lucky to have the opportunity to make a living from her art and make connections with some really cool folks! She would love to make you a custom piece or work with a design you have in mind, her illustrations vary from traditional to comic style and she is very inspired by nature, folklore, anime and the fantasy genre in general. She would put her work in an ‘illustrative realism’ category. She will be happy to work in color or black and grey.


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